July 1st 2021

Cambridge ON
Who We Are

Cambridge Celebrates Canada Day is a not-for-profit committee with dedicated volunteers that plan, organize and present annual celebrations in honour of Canada's birthday. Hosted at Riverside Park (Preston) each year, the committee and it's volunteers are on site for the entire day to oversee the celebrations and to ensure the people of Cambridge and abroad enjoy the Canada Day experience in Cambridge Ontario.  

We do not have any paid Staff, and we do not charge admission or fees. In addition, we do not run any part of our event for the purpose of making a profit.

What We Do

The Canada Day Committee spends countless hours throughout the year planning and organizing the events to celebrate Canada's birthday. We strive to provide Cambridge with the best events and entertainment available. This is all made possible by donations from the great businesses and residents of Cambridge and surrounding communities, in addition to Municipal, Provincial and/or Federal Grants. Although we are not funded by the City of Cambridge, we do receive an abundance of support and assistance from City Staff, including access to services.